Committee Proposals 4-06 and 4-07 Pass Second Reading

Press Release #19

Palikir, POHNPEI. June 03, 2022 – Committee Proposals 4-06, the equal sharing of net revenues derived from ocean floor mineral resources, and 4-07, exclusive state court jurisdiction over land issues, passed on Second Reading today by unanimous votes of all State Delegations.

Committee Proposal 4-03 was discussed on Second Reading, but action on the Proposal was deferred. This proposal is seeking to amend Article IX, Section 2(q) of the Constitution to increase the number of votes needed for Congress to override a presidential veto. The purpose of the amendment is to ensure the proper checks and balances between the President and Congress.

Committee Proposals 4-06 and 4-07 will be heard on Final Reading tomorrow. Committee Proposal 4-03 will be heard on Second Reading at a later date.