4th FSM ConCon Reconvene After Long Recess

Press Release # 16

Palikir, POHNPEI June 02, 2022- On Wednesday, June 01, 2022, the 4th FSM Constitutional Convention reconvened after 26 months of recess due to COVID-19 pandemic. The reconvening of the convention employed both in-person and virtual platforms to complete their mandatory tasks.

In his opening statement, the 4th FSM ConCon President Hon. Redley Killion welcomed the Delegates, saying, “It has been a long and difficult two years and 3 months since this convention recessed due to an emergency declaration due to the corona virus. There was never a thought in my mind since that time that we all wanted to come back and finish our work, the mandatory task placed upon us by the good citizens of our great nation.”

The 4th FSM ConCon is projected to adjourn sine die on June 25, 2022, after which the Convention-approved proposed amendments will be engrossed and forwarded to the FSM President for public education and referendum.

On the calendar, there are over 60 proposals pending to be reviewed and debated by the Convention.  The convention standing committees are diligently at work to hear, vet, review, revaluate and act on all proposals approved by the plenary for consideration. Two proposals have already been adopted by the Convention, sent to President Panuelo, and are awaiting public referendum.

The Convention unanimously adopted the Standing Committee Reports from the Qualification Committee, confirming the seating of Delegate Roger Arnold  and Delegate Joannes (Johnny) Risin to fill the seats vacated by the late Delegate Peter Sitan and the Late Delegate Camillo Nocket. After the Convention President administered the swearing of oaths to the newly seated members, the Convention went into recess and is schedule to reconvene the next day.