Press Release #10

Palikir, POHNPEI (4th FSM Con-Con 3/10/20)- As news of the corona virus is looming, the Delegates of the 4th FSM Constitutional Convention are working diligently to complete their task before they adjourn for another recess which may be possible if an emergency issue occur due to the illness. During plenary session this afternoon, the Convention passed on second reading CC-PR-4-46.

 This proposed amendment is seeking to amend article XIV, section 1 of the constitution of the federated States of Micronesia to lower the percentage of votes cast required in each state to adopt amendments to the constitution from the current three-fourths of the votes required in three fourths of the states to two –thirds of the votes in three-fourths of the states. The proposed amendment received affirmative votes of all the four Delegations.

The intent and the purpose of the proposed amendment is to lower the percentage of votes required to be cast in each state to adopt an amendment to the Constitution from the current ¾ of the votes cast to 2/3 of the votes cast.

The current language of Article XIV, Section 1 of the FSM Constitution read as

“Section 1. An amendment to this Constitution may be proposed by constitutional convention, popular initiative, or Congress in a manner provided by law. A proposed amendment shall become a part of the Constitution when approved by ¾ of the votes cast on that amendment in each of ¾ of the states. If conflicting  Constitutional  amendments submitted to the voters at the same election are approved, the amendment receiving the highest number of  affirmative votes shall prevail to the extent of such conflict.”